Kohoutovice Waterpark

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Indoor Swimming Pool - 25 M 27°C27°C

Under an interestingly designed roof, you will find a 25 meters long indoor swimming pool with the depth ranging from 1.8 to 2.0 m and water temperature of 27 to 28degrees Celsius which makes an ideal place for healthy activities. Our pool will also provide space for you to teach your offspring swim.

Indoor Relaxation Pool 30°C30°C

If you long for relaxation, it is the relaxation pool you will enjoy, especially thanks to it water jets, bubble bath spa or water spouts. The indoor relaxation pool water is maintained at a temperature of 30°C.

Indoor Jacuzzi Pool 34°C34°C

If you are looking for a place to relax comfortably, there is a Jacuzzi pool with water temperature of up to 34°C.

Indoor Wading Pool 30°C30°C

Your offspring can enjoy water fun in the wading pool featuring a water mushroom with water temperature of 30oC while you relax.


You are warmly welcome to visit our bar. The refreshment shop is accessible both from the dry and wet zone. Pleasant seating, good coffee, desserts, sundaes, hot meals. Our WiFi connection will make your stay even more pleasant. Your expense bill is registered by means of your chip wristband and you pay comfortably when leaving the premises. See the menu here.

Čipové hodinky

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Sleva platí při nabití čipových hodinek minimální částkou 1 000 Kč.

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